Ynyshir Restaurant & Rooms

What they say

“Our place, our location, and our approach – using the best-quality ingredients from the UK and our local area and making them taste amazing. It is no-bullshit dining with the most flavour we can get out of our dishes. We serve what Chef Gareth Ward calls, ‘alternative British snap’.

“Our philosophy is translated into every small dish taking you on a journey of flavours, textures, and ingredients. There is everything to be learned from the people who grow, raise, and catch the food we prepare – the whole animal is used, the whole plant, the milk, and the buttermilk. It is the utmost respect for the ingredients. The suppliers are just as important as the chefs.”

Signature Dishes

Not French onion soup; wild garlic prawn; and Welsh Wagyu sirloin.

What we say

Their chefs forage for wild garlic, sea vegetables from the beach one mile away, birch sap from trees in their grounds, elderflowers and berries as well as brambles, which are all used both fresh and preserved. This kind of ancient local Welsh practice is married to an openness to new ideas that has seen them develop a relationship with the Wagyu herd of farmer Ifor Humphreys (thirty miles away), whose family has been farming cattle there for generations but knew a good new thing when they saw it. Gareth Ward’s use of Japanese techniques and ingredients helps him keep the dishes light but flavourful.


Destination restaurant between the mountains of Snowdonia & the beaches of the west coast


Gareth Ward, chef/owner


Lunch & dinner, Wednesday to Saturday


Eglwys Fach, Machynlleth, Powys, SY20 8TA


+44 (0)16 5478 1209



Phone, website, or email info@ynyshir.co.uk

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