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A guide to the world’s truly
exemplary, organic, sustainable,
and ethical restaurants.

The truly good restaurants in forty-five countries, selected by fifty-seven of the world’s most respected food writers.

Alice Waters

Editor, USA

Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery provides a roadmap to restaurants that understand the importance of operating morally and sustainably

Jill Dupleix

Editor, Australia

“Every place we list serves delicious food. That's a given. After that, our guiding principle has been the care taken by the people who run the restaurant.

Giles Coren

Editor, UK

"The spirit of Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery is something you can sense the moment you walk into a restaurant.

Today’s featured restaurants

Israel / Old Acre / Akko

Fish restaurant that serves only fresh & locally caught fish

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United States / Ohio / Columbus

Globally inspired & locally sourced small business

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Australia / Queensland / Brisbane

A botanical bistro with its own kitchen garden

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Scotland / Edinburgh

Intimate, unique restaurant with a creative approach to Scottish wild food

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Our editors

Each restaurant featured on this website was selected on merit by a team of fifty-seven editors, among them many of the world’s most respected food writers in forty-five countries.

Read about our editors here.

Geoff Blackwell & Ruth Hobday, publishers

“Of all the qualities that distinguish a truly outstanding restaurant or food experience, perhaps truth, love and care are the most important.

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Truth, Love & Clean Cutlery guidebooks for the UK, USA and Australia together with a World edition, will be released in November 2018. Each edition will be designed and produced to an award-winning standard, and distributed by leading publishers’ Abrams Books and Thames & Hudson to bookshops, and design and gift stores around the world. Collectively they will feature 1,250 restaurants in forty-five countries.