M.B. Haskett Delicatessen

What they say

“Using seasonal, local produce is important to us because it not only provides premium quality, but supports producers in our very community. Our commitment to local isn’t just about our food, but extends to our paper products, bakery items, coffee, and anything else we can source from small, local, and community businesses.”

Signature Dishes

Poached eggs and toast: eggs from nearby Berrybrook Organics farm with multigrain toast from a local bakery; bison tavern sandwich (regional specialty made with “loose meat”, served on a bun, and offered with house-made hot sauce); nightly “comfort-pub” dinner menu.

What we say

Even though South Dakota feeds us all, producing much of America’s wheat, beef, and corn, restaurants that use local ingredients in the Mount Rushmore state are few and far between. That’s why M.B. Haskett Delicatessen has so many fans, who come for the minimally processed, simple, early local breakfast, pop back in for a maple-dressed beet salad at lunch, and plan their evenings around pub fare like a “purple plate special“ built around the produce of the day. The restaurant that serves as the heart of a farming community lives large in the American imagination, but barely exists in reality anymore – except in Sioux Falls at M.B. Haskett.


A community deli located in historic downtown Sioux Falls


Michael Haskett, chef/owner


Breakfast, lunch, & dinner, daily


324 South Phillips Avenue, Sioux Falls, Minnehaha, SD 57104


+1 605 367 1100



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Sioux Falls’ finest restaurant, focused on local, seasonal fare

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