Bamboo Sushi

What they say

“Driven by a deep commitment to environmental and social change, we set out to make an impact in this world. We combine the values and guidelines of multiple international organizations to ensure every plate we serve reflects our deep dedication to sustainability. As we grow, we seek to inspire change ... change in the way people eat, the way restaurants do business, and the way we treat our environment.”

Signature Dishes

Ora king salmon yakumi with lightly-dressed nigiri; MSC albacore; kimono roll with layered Alaskan salmon and flavors of sage and apple.

What we say

You won’t find bluefin tuna at Bamboo Sushi. That’s because they really put their money where their mouth is and eschew industry staples that don’t pass muster with certifying organizations for healthier ocean ecology.

Bamboo was one of the first restaurants of its kind to enact firm policies for sustainability in their field. Now, they’re thinking even bigger than what’s on the plate. They’re becoming a model for how a big company can leave a small footprint by finding creative ways to offset emissions. In 2017, they became carbon neutral. This is sushi you can feel really good about eating.


Certified-sustainable sushi


Kristofor Lofgren, founder


Lunch & dinner, daily


404 Southwest 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97205, plus other locations – see website


+1 503 444 7455



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