St. Mark's Chop Room

What they say

“At St. Mark’s Chop Room, all of our beef comes from Ironhorse Ranch in Macomb, Oklahoma, on the Little River bottom, where the Wagyu cattle live on green pastures with lots of trees for shelter. The Davis family started in the 1980s, raising what was at the time an unknown breed, and in a way that was different but they believed was right. Now they really have some of the best beef you will ever have. When Chef Jonathon Stranger was chatting with Ted from Ironhorse, the idea of a unique little steakhouse came up. Could Ted cover our need? He said yes, and our quaint little neighborhood hangout came to be. All of our produce comes from the OSU-OKC farmers’ market and we are also fortunate to work with people like Scissortail Farms to get the best baby romaine for the house Caesar salad. It’s a simple concept that just warms us and we love bringing that to our guests.”

Signature Dishes

Wagyu ribeye with “secret” compound butter and fresh herbs; Wagyu bacon with blue cheese, eggplant, and truffle syrup; farmers’ market salad.

What we say

A single-ranch, family-farm, grass-fed American Wagyu steakhouse on the outskirts of Oklahoma City? This is where a modern cowboy would eat if he had a sense of duty that called him to care for the land (and great taste).


Neighborhood steakhouse serving single-ranch pastured beef


Jonathon Stranger, chef/owner


Dinner Tuesday to Saturday


6462 Avondale Drive, Nichols Hills, OK 73116


+1 405 848 6200




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