Red Feather

What they say

We are a scratch kitchen that sources the best seasonal produce. We use our craftsmanship to make complete vegetarian and vegan dishes to the guest’s preference. We purchase locally and use all our trim to make stocks, pickles, jams, and charcuterie. We pride ourselves on our relationships with local farmers and producers. Sourcing in season and locally ensures that we have the best ingredients at their peak, and understanding the process from which animal or ingredient is made allows us to stand behind the quality and practice.”

Signature Dishes

Double bone pork chop with red wine caramel, pearl onion, marble potato, and cremini mushrooms; roast chicken with biscuit spoon bread, asparagus, honey crema, and vermouth glacé; whipped house-made ricotta, grilled bread, truffle, and honey.

What we say

You can get carried away while snacking on fried chicken skins with hot honey and house-made ranch dressing or digging into a homey plate of roast chicken with spoonbread, but the ethos behind those dishes is always there as the team at Red Feather champions slow food while dazzling guests with indulgent plates of American food. Unafraid of hard work, they embrace their suppliers, guests, and employees, making sure all are treated with care and appreciation.

What others say

“While Crowe and Bernstein’s allegiance to pedigreed comfort food is apparent, their real strength is subtly merging big and bold with delicate and nuanced.” Cincinnati Magazine


A contemporary American farm-to-table restaurant


Brad Bernstein, chef/owner


Dinner daily, Sunday brunch


3200 Madison Road, Cincinnati, OH 45209


+1 513 407 3631



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