Esther’s Kitchen

What they say

“We specialize in fresh, handmade pastas and seasonal ingredients procured from nearby farmers, including local produce and grains. Localism is literally seen in our dishes – we source our tabelware from a studio down the street. We also source our flour from Central Milling in Utah, and our seafood from co-ops and sustainable fishermen. We butcher one or two pigs a week to produce multiple dishes on the menu. We use every part of the animal and never purchase bones for stock or extra random pieces. Though it is not a large part of our menu, all of our beef is grass-fed from Flannery Farms in Northern California. Through an outreach program we work with local farms and schools to educate our community about seasonality and cooking vegetables to make them appealing to kids. We also throw our own food festival every year to highlight great independent restaurants in Las Vegas.”

Signature Dishes

Cacio e pepe with Tellicherry peppercorns and Locatelli Pecorino Romano; white asparagus with garlic panna and cauliflower; hamachi crudo with pickled Murray Farm cherries, fennel, pistachio, and basil.

What we say

Thanks to Esther’s Kitchen, Las Vegas now has superb Italian cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients. This conscious eatery works with local community farms and schools to educate about seasonal produce and how to cook vegetables. Don’t miss the exceptional handmade pasta, complemented simple, perfectly-executed sides.


Seasonal Italian soul food in the arts district of Las Vegas


James Trees chef/owner


Lunch & dinner, daily


1130 S. Casino Center Boulevard. Las Vegas, NV 89104


+1 702 570 7864



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