Tongue in Cheek

What they say

“We believe living a good life tastes better. Ethically raised livestock, sustainably caught seafood, creative vegan options, and locally sourced produce from small farmers are the strategies we use to get the best food in front of our customers. The happier the animals are while being raised and cared for, the better they taste. You can come get great service and food while wearing jeans and a T-shirt, and not feel out of place. At the same time, you can come get the same thing all dressed up and still not feel out of place.”

Signature Dishes

“Bacon & Egg”: a sous-vide egg yolk breaded and fried to create a custard-like texture with bacon powder, a spicy hot fluid gel, avocado purée, and sea salt; “vegasm” a weekly changing vegan entrée sourced from what’s in season at local farms.

What we say

The very definition of a neighborhood hero, Tongue in Cheek supports a different community or neighborhood group every week, offers a vegan tasting menu for those not seeking their famous local small-farm pork, and is a pillar of the East-side Saint Paul good life.


Unpretentious neighborhood restaurant committed to the most sustainable, good local meats


Leonard Anderson, chef/owner


Lunch & dinner, Tuesday to Sunday


989 Payne Avenue Saint Paul, Ramsey, MN 55130


+1 651 888 6148




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