Northern Waters Smokehaus

What they say

“We believe that food is delightful. We believe that food is powerful. Food connects community. Food engages visitors. Food comforts the uneasy. Food facilitates celebration. Food provides a trade. Food showcases skill. Food highlights tradition. Food provides room for endless innovation and creativity. We serve high-quality, creative food, focusing on fish and pork. We work with several local fishermen to source our Lake Superior lake trout, herring, and whitefish. We buy all of our pork from local producers. We have been purchasing happy pigs, bison, beef, and poultry from Midwestern producers since we started in 1998. Some of our hero suppliers include Steve Dahl, our herring fisherman, and Dave Rogotzke, our salmon fisherman.”

Signature Dishes

Sitka sushi sandwich: supple house-smoked sustainably-raised Atlantic gravlax with pickled ginger, shredded cabbage, cucumber, cilantro, wasabi mayo, and sriracha; Banh Faux Mi: house-smoked Minnesota Berkshire ham with country-style liver pâté, pickled vegetables, cilantro, hoisin, sriracha, and butter.

What we say

Wood-smoked freshwater fish was once a staple on Lake Superior, one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world. The tradition is little carried on today, except at Northern Waters Smokehaus, where owners Eric and Lynn Goerdt, having met and married in Sitka, Alaska, founded their new fish and pork smoking operation, in 1998. Their little sandwich shop all but single-handedly carries these northern freshwater traditions forward, and is a regional treasure.

What others say

“You gotta go to Northern Waters. You just gotta.”

–Mecca Bos, City Pages


Deli filled with smoked fish, handcrafted smoked meats, salumi, sandwiches & sausage


Eric Goerdt, owner & Mary Tennis, general manager


Lunch & dinner, daily


DeWitt-Seitz Marketplace, 394 Lake Avenue South, Suite 106, Duluth, Saint Louis, MN 55802


+1 218 724 7307




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An artisan dining experience along the scenic North Shore of Lake Superior

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