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“Transmitting the savoir faire to the next generation of young cooks is what we value most in our restaurant. We have an amazing food culture, delicious home cooking with high-quality ingredients, yet fine dining is relatively limited in Turkey. It is our duty to pave the way for the younger generation so that they can better themselves. Our menu changes every six weeks according to what is available on the market. Yet ‘Bird Pie’, a dish made of puff pastry, duck and quail, a modern version of my grandmother’s traditional bird pie, is available every fall with local porcini mushrooms.”

What we say

Nicole is situated on the roof of Tomtom suites, perfectly hidden from crowds. The food reflects the refined personal touch of chef/owner Aylin, who left a successful career in academia to pursue her passion for culinary arts. An obsessed perfectionist, she puts her heart on every plate that comes out of the kitchen. Though the style is international, the food is quintessentially from Istanbul, reflecting the great Byzantine and Ottoman past of the city. Here the focus is on food, and the great view only complements the fine aesthetic on the plate and the serene setting. There are three tasting menu options, "Nicole 5", “Discovery” and “Nicole”, all of which change seasonally.

What others say

“We see Nicole at the top of the Turkish restaurants in La Liste. It has surpassed many of the world’s leading restaurants with three stars.”

–Vedat Milor, Hü


Innovative Turkish cuisine using Western techniques with local & seasonal produce


Aylin Yazıcıoğlu, chef/owner


Dinner, Tuesday to Sunday


Bogazkesen Cad. Tomtom Kaptan Sok. No:18 Beyoğlu, Istanbul 34433


+90 (0)212 292 44 67



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