The Captain's Galley

What they say

“We built Captain’s Galley not just on sustainability, but on five pillars: simplicity, integrity, traceability, seasonality, and sustainability. As a chef, I make no distinction regarding imperfections, whether a carrot is bullet straight or bent, it’s a carrot, therefore perfect. Having spent all my life in the fishing industry, my love and passion are mostly in sourcing the finest seafood in the world, direct from the local fishermen who just happen to be amongst my closest friends, and who look after me well. So, for me, going out for supplies is mostly a catch up with a true friend.”

Signature Dishes

Crab risotto; bouillabaisse; and smoked lythe.

What we say

At the height of the recent refugee crisis when displaced people were pouring out of war-torn Syria and landing mostly on the Greek island of Lesbos, a woman called Melinda McRostie, who happened to run a restaurant there called The Captain’s Table, took it upon herself to provide shelter, blankets, and food for them. Learning of this, Jim Cowie started fundraising events to support her at The Captain’s Galley in Scrabster. He contacted every restaurant in the world named “Captain’s Table” or “Captain’s Galley” (of which there are over 100) encouraging them to get involved and organize fundraising events in support of their namesake restaurant in Lesbos. Astonishing work.


The beating heart of Scrabster, gateway port to Scandinavia and the North


Jim Cowie, chef/owner & Mary Cowie, front of house/owner


Dinner Wednesday to Saturday


The Harbour, Scrabster, KW14 7UJ


+44 (0)18 4789 4999



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