What they say

“At Amisfield, we don’t just live on the land, we live from it. Our philosophy has always been to serve the best of what’s local and in season. Our Head Chef Vaughan Mabee works with a dedicated forager to hunt, gather, and curate fare that supports our vision: to deliver fresh, seasonal produce that celebrates our bountiful region and its unique flavours. We love to work with the like-minded!”

Signature Dishes

Paua pie; porcini mushroom with black truffle and fresh fromagé blanc; and tamarillo with a hand-blown candy shell, tamarillo sorbet and wild thyme espuma.

What we say

Dedicated suppliers who practise a sustainable approach, an experienced charcuterie, and a dedicated forager who works with the chef to source hidden treasures from the surrounding countryside enable Amisfield to deliver fresh, seasonal produce that uniquely celebrates the Central Otago region.

One of this restaurant’s gems is the Trust the Chef menu. Expect to be surprised and delighted by Chef Vaughan Mabee’s innovative, visually exciting food that truly captures all the tastes of the New Zealand terroir.

Whether it’s seafood direct from a local fisherman at Bluff, a vegetablebased dish from a local organic garden or wild meat hunted exclusively for the restaurant, it is sure to be stunning. And the welcoming dining room and outdoor eating area afford fabulous views of the surrounding snowy mountains.


Winery restaurant focusing on flavours of New Zealand


John Darby, owner & Vaughan Mabee, chef


Lunch & dinner, daily


10 Lake Hayes Road, Arrowtown


+64 (0) 3442 0556



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