What they say

“We support small local farms that surround us so that we secure produce for future generations. Growing food is a skill and it feeds us, we build relationships with the growers and have conversations about the seasons and what they can specialize in growing for our restaurant.”

Signature Dishes

Pan de yuca: traditional Ecuadorian bread made with local cheese and cassava; paua with chicken emulsion, scampi garum, chicken skin, and puha; and eel with porcini, onion, parsley, and shiitake.

What we say

Roots rose from the ruins of earthquake-devastated Lyttleton where owner Giulio Sturla has been flag bearer and mastermind for the well-motivated Eat NZ initiative. His Ecuadorian roots see every diner begin the degustation menu with his signature pan de yuca bread, a cheesy little puff of deliciousness. The menu that follows will utilize such indigenous treats as paua and other local seafood, wild vegetables and seaweeds foraged from the around the harbour, and conscientiously raised meat.

Dedicated to pursuing happiness and personal development, along with a focus on food grown locally and sustainably, this 2015 winner of Cuisine Restaurant of the Year has steadily maintained Three Hat status.

What others say

“Chef Giulio Sturla’s dishes tell tiny stories of time and place. He uses the best local produce with an emphasis on foraging and fermentation, but immaculate technique and balancing of intense flavours creates the magic.”

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A degustation restaurant championing local & seasonal cuisine


Giulio & Christy Sturla, chef/owners


Dinner Tuesday to Saturday, lunch Friday & Saturday


8 London Street, Lyttelton, Christchurch, 8082


+64 (0) 3328 7658



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