Le Chique

What they say

“We are a restless restaurant; we never stop dreaming and investigating. Le Chique is pure passion. We experiment with flavours, textures, and aromas to make creative. exciting dishes.”

Signature Dishes

Cerdo pelón (Yucatan hairless pig) with mushrooms and mole from Xico; aguachile of deep-sea shrimp with iced green apple powder; and “The Surprise”: flowers and fruits.

What we say

Le Chique, located in the resort town of Cancún, has become a culinary destination unto itself. Chef Jonatán Gómez Luna Torres offers a spectacular tasting menu in an elegant seaside setting. He works with regional producers, mining a wealth of unique ingredients that he transforms into modernist dishes. The chef and his team are dedicated to supporting Mayan communities and to paying them fairly. Corn, beans, honey, wild greens, and Yucatecan hairless pigs are only a few of the native ingredients he celebrates. He is committed to sustainable growing, reviving the culinary use of neglected fish and animals, and eliminating the consumption of straws, plastic, and cardboard cups, replacing them with glass and wood from local artisans.


Avant-garde Mexican cuisine, where tradition meets modernity


Jonatán Gómez Luna Torres, executive chef


Dinner, Monday to Saturday


Carretera Cancún-Puerto Morelos km 27.5 Mz 37, Smz 12, 77580 Riviera Maya


+52 (01)99 8872 8450




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