Sitka Studio

What they say

“We love serving good food, playing good music and making sure that everybody has a good time. We visit the local wet markets for the freshest, most inspiring produce. A chat with vendors can uncover new ingredients or new ways of presenting food. They don’t just sell produce, they have great knowledge of each item’s origins, how far it has travelled to get to the market, and how best to cook it.”

Signature Dishes

Stracciatella with mandarin kosho and kumquat; steamed seabass with calamansi vinegar butter, trout roe and sea prawn; and yuba skin tart with chicken parfait and pickled grapes.

What we say

Sitka Studio is a contemporary eatery helmed by Chef Christian Recomio. Open Friday nights only, here Recomio offers ambitious tasting menus, crafted mostly from ingredients grown, picked, foraged, and caught within a few kilometres of Kuala Lumpur. The chef also experiments with more traditional techniques like salting, smoking, pickling, brining, and fermenting to create contemporary dishes to be enjoyed in a fun, casual atmosphere.

What others say

“Chef/owner Christian Recomio will never be accused of being a shrinking violet when it comes to his cooking. It’s all about pushing taste boundaries, being experimental and a little cheeky.”

–Caramella Scarpa, Expatriate Lifestyle


A modern restaurant serving a tasting menu inspired by Malaysian produce


Christian Recomio, chef


Dinner, Friday


8-5A, Plaza Batai, Jalan Batai, Kuala Lumpur


+60 (0)1 7277 7848




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A bold new restaurant & bar serving modern Malaysian inspired by classical dishes from the region

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