Terroirs d'Avenir

What they say

“Our selection of produce reflects our commitment to supporting a system of food production and consumption that is durable and also delicious. This is why our offerings from small farmers, fishermen, and artisan producers reflects the best of what they have available at any given time, rather than following a standard menu of constantly available goods. We’re also committed to fair pricing, which means that our suppliers are correctly paid for the value of their produce in terms of their contribution to gastronomic artistry, good health, protecting the environment, and biodiversity. We consider them to be the true guardians of our planet, since they work in synergy – not competition – with local ecosystems.”

What we say

Terroirs d'Avenir has become a standard-setting reference for consumers and chefs in Paris because of the rigour, originality, seasonality, and quality of the produce they source and sell from farmers, food producers, and fishermen all over France. Their business is based on a deep commitment to preserving traditional agriculture that eschews antibiotics and chemicals. They heavily prioritize building relationships with their producers, highlighting​ the importance of working collaboratively.

What others say

“A grocery store that recreates the link between producers and consumers.”

–Estérelle Payany, Télérama


Retailers & wholesalers of produce from small traditional farmers & fishermen


Alexandre Drouard & Samuel Nahon, founders


Breakfast & lunch, Tuesday to Sunday, dinner Tuesday to Saturday


3, 6, 7 et 8 Rue du Nil, 75002 Paris, plus other locations – see website


+33 (0)1 8509 8449




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