The Wheatsheaf

What they say

“We love our suppliers and in return they allow us to connect with the nature and terroir around us – our aim is to express the land. We have a very strong synergy with Ollie’s parents’ farm, Hungerford Park, who specialize in incredible produce – organically fed rare-breed pigs, lamb, chickens for eggs, honey, organic vegetables, fruits and nuts, cider, and produce from their butchery including charcuterie, bacon, and sausages. Our aim is to create a vision for the future of pubs – serving only organic, local, or seasonal food and drink, and being a hub of creativity and expression within a community.”

Signature Dishes

Tagliatelle carbonara (ingredients all sourced within a five-mile radius); salmon pizza; and pressed apple terrine.

What we say

The Wheatsheaf only buys in whole animals – including beef, which is rare in the industry – which is possible as they work with Ollie’s dad, who stores the meat at his butchery on the farm. So they only get a new animal in once they have used everything from the previous animal, thus promoting slow growing. They have a nose-totail ethos on all produce including vegetables to maximize the energy spent growing each vegetable or fruit. Then it’s all cleaning with vinegar, converting pizza-oven energy waste to heat the building in winter, on-site composting, blackboards instead of paper menus, old receipts turned into waiter pads... and a hatful of ethical awards and nominations.


Grade II-listed pub selling organic, seasonal, local food & drink


Ollie & Lauren Hunter, co-owners


Lunch & dinner, daily


Chilton Foliat, Hungerford, RG17 0TE


+44 (0)14 8868 0936




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