Arthur’s Farm Kitchen at Fordhall Farm

What they say

“Arthur’s food celebrates the diversity of seasonal ingredients with a menu that changes throughout the year. All the meat we use is reared on the farm. Dishes are made fresh and by hand with simple and traditional cooking methods. We want our customers to understand where their food comes from, appreciate the wonderful flavours of Mother Nature, and to try new things. We believe that our food culture needs reigniting, bringing back convivial sharing, conversation, and an appreciation of the meal and those who produced it.”

Signature Dishes

Spring nettle and potato soup with wild garlic pesto and foraged greens; slow-cooked Aberdeen Angus beef brisket with onion and bone broth gravy in a Yorkshire pudding wrap; and Fordhall farmhouse brunch with bacon, eggs, and bubble and squeak.

What we say

They do so many beautiful things so well here (free parent and toddler groups for local families; wonderful eco-build with hemp walls, lime plasters, natural clay paints, and sheep’s wool insulation) that it is easy to forget the attention that goes into the cooking. But look at that brisket: Aberdeen Angus beef slow-cooked in a weekly-made seventy-two-hour bone broth, ensuring all the goodness is extracted from the organic grass-fed bones. Then the broth reduced to a gravy. With Yorkies that are made fresh in the morning. Is it in Shropshire or is it in heaven?


A community-owned organic farm offering a unique experience to all who visit


The Fordhall Community Land Initiative, owner


Breakfast & lunch, Tuesday to Sunday


Tern Hill Road, Market Drayton, Shropshire, TF9 3PS


+44 (0)16 3063 8696



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