What they say

“Dalleth menus encompass a large amount of foraged vegetation, wild meats, and fish, just like our ancestral hunter-gatherers would have eaten. We utilize ingredients that were once a staple in our diets but sadly have been forgotten with time. Reaching back into our ancestral memories, Dalleth’s approach is one of reincarnation; projecting our interpretation of culinary possibilities had these traditions and values survived to the present day. We uphold pagan earthly values in regards to our menu design and how we gather our resources. We try our hardest to give more than we take.”

Signature Dishes

Squirrel and English mustard; St. George’s mushroom and coastal succulents; and wood ants and mead.

What we say

Dalleth is an astonishing project, rooted deep in English pre-history and imagining forward to a better way of eating now, as if all the years of intensive farming, soil corruption, animal cruelty, and chemical toxins had never happened. What they do with grey squirrels (an imported pest) is the stuff of poetry – guests can dine on a crunchy oat-covered nugget of braised squirrel meat. A heroic way to end the scourge of the grey squirrel and make room for the return of the red (which we will NOT be eating!).


A ticketed event business offering intimate tasting experiences that utilize wild British produce


Jonathan Dowling, owner


Daily events – see website


115 Glencoe Road, Kent, ME4 5QF


+44 (0)77 0834 0545



Website or email jonathan@dalleth.co.uk

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