O Navegador

What they say

“We have a commitment to both urban and rural society, respecting farmers and producers as partners and friends. We try to see through the walls of the restaurant and be engaged in our role as human beings. This has an effect on the food. For us, food is culture, love, and heritage. Our menu is a map of Brazil where we identify the farmers or producers we buy from, so anyone can connect to them.”

Signature Dishes

Moqueca de Carne Seca; cozido; and feijoada.

What we say

Chef Teresa Corção is not only a cook. Her efforts with product research, her engagement with restaurants and chef associations, and her work with children and poor people to promote their social involvement through food, make her a militant. At O Navegador, the result of this work is the food. The menu covers regional Brazilian traditions, and aims to tell Brazilian history through recipes and flavours. These are beautiful dishes that tell a beautiful story.


Brazilian regional sustainable cuisine restaurant located in a 1908 building in downtown Rio


Teresa Corção, chef/owner


Lunch, Monday to Friday


Av Rio Branco 180, Level 6, Rio de Janeiro


+55 (0)21 2262 6037




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Small restaurant in Rio de Janeiro, based on products from its gardens & local organic producers

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