Hogget Kitchen

What they say

“We use only local Gippsland food in order to have a connection with the produce, people, and environment we work with. We source older animals, like hogget, for their unique flavour. People eat too much spring lamb, and older animals are just as great – if not better.”

Signature Dishes

Charcuterie; churrasco Gippsland lamb cooked on the barbecue; and Trev’s menu (a five-course degustation).

What we say

Traditionally, other Victorian regions have had all the press, but Gippsland’s sheep and cattle country is finally starting to get some food kudos of its own.

Hogget Kitchen, housed at the rustic home of natural-wine champions Wild Dog Winery, is now under the stewardship of Trevor (Trev) Perkins, a foragin’, huntin’, and fishin’ kind of chef who can break down a whole beast and get it onto the churrasco barbecue before you’ve finished your first glass of Patrick Sullivan Chardonnay or William Downie Pinot Noir.

While lamb is a staple, the cuts change throughout the week as Trev works his way through the carcass. His food is unintimidating and approachable, from a lickable bowl of potato gnocchi with Tarago River Cheese gratin, to house-made charcuterie that’s pure nose-to-tail pleasure.

What others say

"It’s a celebration of an oft unsung region, with Perkins firing up the charcoal smoker out front, in which he cooks up a changing line-up of house-butchered beasts." Delicious


Regional restaurant singing in the key of Gippsland


Trevor Perkins, chef/owner


Lunch Wednesday to Sunday, dinner Wednesday to Saturday


6 Farrington Close, Warragul, VIC 3820


+61 (0)3 5623 2211



Website, phone, or opentable.com

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