Hill & Hollow

What they say

“We are primarily farm-to-fork, proudly Appalachian-centric, unapologetically modernist, and progressively globalist. We feel that Appalachia is deeply misunderstood, and there is no better way to introduce who we really are than through a modern Appalachian culinary vernacular, one that is rooted in tradition and yet aware of and involved with the world around us.”

Signature Dishes

Frosted leek brûlée with alfalfa-steamed catfish scrapple, hog maw headcheese, creamed corn smut, and smoked tomato powder; house-made venison sausage with mayhaw leather, cider reduction, hothouse basil, and malted vinegar dust; willowbark-smoked duck wings with homegrown rocoto pepper, bluegill bagoong, rutabaga, ramp jangaiji, and goat butter.

What we say

Appalachian cuisine steps into the spotlight in this Morgantown standout encamped in the historic Seneca Center, a former glass factory on the National Register of Historical Places. The majority of the ingredients are locally or regionally sourced from small-scale farms, fisheries, and foragers, while nearly every egg comes from owners Alegria and Marion Ohlinger’s very own chickens. Local ingredients often translate to familiar fare, but always with a twist, like chilled heirloom tomato soup zinged up with cucumber-ginger salsa or fresh biscuits slicked with warm sweet chili butter. The restaurant boasts nearly zero food waste; anything that can’t be reused becomes animal feed or compost.


Elevated Appalachian cuisine with global accents


Alegria Ohlinger & Marion Ohlinger, co-owners


Dinner Monday to Saturday


709 Beechurst Avenue, Morgantown, Monongalia, WV 26505


+1 304 241 4551




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