Hell's Backbone Grill

What they say

“We see Hell’s Backbone Grill as the warm, welcoming hearth for those venturing into the incredible wilderness that surrounds us. Since we are located in one of the nation’s most remote areas, sourcing ingredients is a point of both necessity and ethics. Our farm provides our vegetables and fruit, and much of our craft cocktail menu features Utah-made spirits. Even local gardeners stop by to drop off freshly​ picked herbs they know we need.”

Signature Dishes

Orange brandy cream grilled leg of lamb with lemony mashed potatoes; pumpkin-piñón enchiladas with habanero sweet corn cream Sauce; locally-raised, grass-fed and finished steaks.

What we say

Most of the food from the menu at Hell’s Backbone Grill is raised on their nearby six-acre farm: chickens lay the eggs that form the foundation of many breakfast items, and seasonal vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers make their way into a rotating roster of dishes rooted in a fanciful amalgam of historical Mormon pioneer, western range cowboy, mixed in with traditional flavors of the Southwest. What’s not grown there hails from nearby: grass-fed beef, for instance, comes from down the road. Some of this is by necessity. Hell’s Backbone is located on the edge of the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument, in one of the most remote towns in the United States. But owners Jen Castle and Blake Spalding are deeply committed to environmental stewardship, too: all food waste from the restaurant goes back to the farm.


Restaurant, now in its nineteenth season, serving a farm-based cuisine of the Four Corners region


Jen Castle & Blake Spalding, chef/owners


Hours change seasonally


20 North Highway 12, Boulder, Garfield, UT 84716


+1 435 335 7464




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