Restaurant Gwendolyn

What they say

“Restaurant Gwendolyn is the only restaurant in San Antonio that uses strictly 100 percent local perishable ingredients. We buy directly from farmers and ranchers within 150 miles of our location, and create dining experiences that change every day. Buying strictly local ingredients cultivates a food production system that is a reflection of our land, and keeps our money with our people.”

Signature Dishes

House-made camembert and roquefort-style cheeses; house-made charcuterie resulting from a whole animal philosophy.

What we say

1850: that’s the cutoff year. If it came after 1850, it has no place in Chef Michael Sohocki’s kitchen. That means no electrical kitchen gadgets, no deliveries from big corporate restaurant suppliers. Animals – pork, beef, lamb – come in whole, and every bit gets used. Kitchen scraps are fed to the restaurant’s flock of chickens and ducks, whose eggs, in turn,​ are transformed into luscious pastries. With no set menu and no dictated menu items, Sohocki encourages his chefs to get creative with the bounty of South Texas. Thus Gwendolyn’s signature dishes are more like signature ingredients: the resulting dishes and the tasting menus they comprise change daily, often in delightful and surprising ways. “This“, as Sohocki puts it, “is a thinker’s restaurant“

What others say

“No perishable ingredient from more than a horseback ride away, no tool with a plug and no white trucks: the fishbowl kitchen and gem of a dining room provide a quintessential experience.” Texas Monthly


Hyper-local fine dining restaurant that looks to the past to cook for the future


Michael Sohocki, chef/owner


Dinner Tuesday to Saturday


152 East Pecan Street, Suite 100, San Antonio, TX 78205


+1 210 222 1849



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