Fin & Pearl

What they say

“Our mission is to create a sustainable, Earth-friendly seafood restaurant in both our practices and buying strategies, while communicating with our customers honestly and with 100 percent transparency. We hope to inspire others to embrace these simple tenets through our culinary efforts and a kind, hospitable attitude.”

Signature Dishes

Wild caught fresh catch; Rapa Nui Tuna Poke with scallion, avocado, cucumber, edamame, seaweed, furikake, sesame soy, and wontons.

What we say

This fresh seafood-focused restaurant, where you’ll find gumbo, ceviches, a full raw bar, po’boys, and daily fresh catch specials, commits firmly to a zero-waste mission. This is drilled into every facet of the business, from the use of an ORCA machine for aerobic digestion of food waste, to their sustainably sourced custom-made furniture. A Blubar Water System for filtered water eliminates the recycling and transportation needs of bottled water and they utilize Restaurant Technologies’ services to recycle cooking oil.

What others say

"Fin & Pearl has created a restaurant experience all of its own ... While its sourcing might vary, quality dishes are always guaranteed." –Genevieve Moore, Sophisticated Living magazine


Fresh seafood restaurant committed to sustainable sourcing & eco-friendly operations


Tom Morales, owner


Breakfast, lunch & dinner, daily


211 12th Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37203


+1 615 577 6688



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