Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen

What they say

“We’re most passionate about recreating the experience of eating in our grandmothers’ kitchens – that feeling of really great food, boisterous and lively conversation, and being taken care of with an open heart. We source a majority of our ingredients from farms within a seven-hour drive. We’re extremely connected to our hometown. We strive to invest in the personal and professional growth of our staff. We send back of house employees on stages around the country and the world, with two of our chef de cuisines spending a month in Italy to better understand the food we are trying to create. We also provide stipends and scholarships to our front of house team members looking to further their professional development.”

Signature Dishes

“Andrew Michael Breakfast“: a playful version of breakfast for dinner; Maw Maw’s ravioli with gravy; chiatara with greens, ham hock, and cornbread panna gratta.

What we say

Family is the driving theme at this East Memphis mainstay. Set inside a ranch with a patio out back, the restaurant gives guests a taste of the Italian cooking, and family camaraderie, both chefs grew up with. They cook from their grandmothers’ recipes, and Michael’s father still makes the gravy for all of the restaurants. The chefs now own multiple restaurants in Memphis and beyond, but their firmly planted roots can be found here, at the original.


Memphis restaurant innovative Italian cooking rooted in Southern tradition


Andrew Ticer & Michael Hudman, chefs/owners


Dinner Tuesday to Saturday


712 West Brookhaven Circle, Memphis, TN 38117


+1 901 347 3569



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