Legume Bistro

What they say

“We provide customers with highquality food and gracious service in a warm, casual atmosphere at a good value that, as much as we can know, is sourced and produced in a way that nourishes the well-being of our community and the lives of our employees, customers, and people we do business with.”

Signature Dishes

Dandelion salad with bacon vinaigrette and giardiniera; beef tartare; “General Tad’s tempeh”: house-made tempeh fried and served with a tomato-red pepper sauce.

What we say

Legume Bistro is committed to supporting local farms – 100 percent of the goat, lamb, pork, and beef they use is sourced from Western Pennsylvania. Demand for choice steaks and chops is high, but it takes a lot of talent in the kitchen to sell dishes made from lesser-known, underappreciated cuts.

Given the focus on local food and the reality of a short growing season in the region, Legume specializes in preserving the bounty of the harvest for leaner times, especially through old-fashioned techniques.

Winter menus are sparked up with lacto-fermented vegetable pickles. Thousands of pounds of produce are preserved this way for use during the summer months. Legume even ferments its own tempeh. The kitchen prides itself on the magic that happens when talented chefs use time-tested techniques to create fresh versions of class dishes from top-quality local ingredients.


A family-run restaurant that aspires to make nourishing food


Sarah & Trevett Hooper, co-owners


Dinner Monday to Saturday


214 North Craig Street, Pittsburgh, Allegheny, PA 15213


+1 412 621 2700



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Restaurant serving a daily changing, season-driven menu of wines, small plates & pizzas

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