Roots Farm Café

What they say

“We live in a high and dry desert forest, a very challenging ecosystem​ in which to grow food. On top of this, we practice dry-land farming – that is, farming which relies solely on rainfall and snowmelt to water crops. But we use quality local ingredients, and we are passionate about spreading awareness about creating and maintaining a healthy community and ecosystem.”

Signature Dishes

Breakfast burrito; freshly-baked cookies.

What we say

It takes a village to grow food in the high and dry New Mexico mountains, and no one knows it better than Roots Farm Café. And what a village it is: tiny Tijeras, located just outside Albuquerque, is full of individuals who care as much about the area as café owners Daniel Puccini and Kendall Rattner. No doubt, Roots Farm Café is a group effort. Members of the community run farms (like Old Windmill Dairy or Schwebach Farms), create art for the café’s gallery shows, learn about sustainable living through Roots Farm’s nonprofit educational arm, and simply enjoy bowls of pork belly stew for lunch. Swing by for a breakfast burrito before hiking in the nearby Manzano Mountains, and you’re sure to feel like a member of this small community, too. If only for a morning.


A neighborhood café serving farm fresh food sustainability


Daniel Puccini & Kendall Rattner, owners


Breakfast & lunch, Wednesday to Monday


11784 HWY 337, Tijeras, Bernalillo, NM 87059


+1 505 900 4118




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