What they say

“We are passionate about making memories for our customers. We love interacting with our customers, and the kitchen door doubles as the entrance to the restaurant so that customers are forced to walk literally two feet away from the cooking area. That way, we have the opportunity to greet everyone that comes in and they get to see what goes on in the kitchen. We don’t believe in making our food look perfect, and avoid symmetry and even numbers. We also use natural garnishes, usually fresh herbs or zest. Simple is so much more appetizing.”

Signature Dishes

Sea scallops, sustainably raised, with a lemon saffron cream sauce and garlic crostini; herb-roasted half-duckling, with a cherry sauce, sautéed bacon, lemon, and garlic beet greens and smashed potatoes; fresh wild salmon steak with peach balsamic glaze, and salt-grilled white and green asparagus.

What we say

Could you fit the whole fifty-six-person village of Arrow Rock, Missouri in chef Liz Huff Kennon’s teensy restaurant? Yes, you might. Maybe you should, for backyard chicken eggs and to learn some things about true Midwestern culture and friendliness, as well as true farm-raised Midwestern food. Diners can rest assured they’re in good hands when opening the doors to Catalpa – and will leave feeling full, satisfied and just a little sad it’s over.


A fine dining restaurant in the village of Arrow Rock, located on the bank of the Missouri River


Liz Huff Kennon, chef/owner


Dinner Friday & Saturday


510 High Street, Arrow Rock, Saline, MO 65320


+1 660 837 3324



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