What they say

“Everything we do is driven by the quality, wholesomeness and location of our ingredients. We source the vast majority of our ingredients from small family farms and artisans located within a 200-mile radius of the restaurant, and supplement those ingredients with produce from our own garden and with locally foraged wild edibles. Our heritage breed livestock is pasture raised and comes from farms that employ humane and chemical-free practices. Our fish is primarily sourced from sustainable Native American fisheries and is strictly local and freshwater in keeping with our regional cuisine focus.”

Signature Dishes

Sheep’s milk ricotta agnolotti with spring onions, pine nuts, and shell pea mint sauce; lake trout with cucumber salad, house-fermented yogurt sauce and Lake Cisco caviar; bison tenderloin with juniper, pumpkin seed pistou, spinach, and blackberry glacé de viande.

What we say

Chef Lenny Russo ran Heartland, a legendary Saint Paul restaurant, for many years, legendary because he sourced everything within 200 miles, and reinvented much familiar European cuisine using only ingredients from the region of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. Heartland closed, and in 2018 he opened a new restaurant inside a boutique hotel, Wayzata’s Hotel Landing. This new ninetwentyfive focuses on local freshwater fish, offering fennel-cured whitefish and Lake Superior trout with Lake Superior ciscoe roe. It carries the Heartland legacy forward, into new, watery territory.


Chef Lenny Russo’s relentlessly regional cuisine


Lenny Russo, chef


Breakfast, lunch & dinner, daily


925 Lake Street East, Wayzata, Hennepin, MN 55391


+1 952 777 7900



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