Superfine Food

What they say

“Our motto is: common food done uncommonly well. Our dishes are crave-able and delicious counterpoints to common American fast food, and are at once indulgent and health conscious.”

Signature Dishes

Fonzarelli pizza with asparagus, pecorino, sunny egg, and preserved lemon; vegan tahini caesar with tofu, spicy broccoli, cucumbers, carrots, pears, lemon tahini, and pistachios; fried chicken sandwich with miso slaw, bread and butter pickles, and white barbecue sauce.

What we say

At Superfine Food, the menus are familiar at first glance – pizzas, salads, crispy chicken sandwiches, and the like. A deeper look quickly reveals these old standbys are tweaked by a chef with a deft hand, who knows a thing or two about using robust, bright, and healthful ingredients to make what’s old new again, and irresistibly so. Pizzas, topped with vegetables like roasted kale and fresh asparagus, along with local cheese and meats, are made with a slow-fermented dough and cooked, as Chef Matthew Gaudet says, “till the bottom has a perfect leopard print, no blond spots, and stays horizontal when you hold it up“. Salads are vibrant and savvily dressed. Fun sweets include dessert cups – s’mores, sundae, or seasonal fruit – milkshakes, and more.

What others say

“Gaudet’s first cooking job was at Chez Henri and it was there, he says, that he learned how a griddle could get the outside crunch and inside ’melty cheese thing.’ The Reuben is fabulous.” –Sheryl Julian, The Boston Globe


A relaxed joint serving crave-able comforts upgraded with the best ingredients


Matthew Gaudet, chef/partner


Lunch & dinner, Tuesday to Sunday


25 Union Street, Manchester by- the-Sea, Essex, MA 01944, plus other locations – see website


+1 978 526 0964




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