What they say

“We represent the Mediterranean diet, creating rich flavors from spices and vegetables without a lot of heavy fats, like butter and cream. We have a lot of vegetarian options on offer. We adore the flavors of the eastern Mediterranean and have helped bring them to the mainstream. We use as much of our own produce as possible, grown on Siena Farms which owner Ana Sortun’s husband owns.”

Signature Dishes

Fatteh: caramelized onion with romanesco, crispy mushrooms, pine nuts and yogurt; baked shells with nettles, green garlic butter, yogurt and poppy seed; char with spring-dug parsnip, currants, pine nuts, and sorrel labneh.

What we say

Ana Sortun has been a pioneer in both farm-to-table cookery and the celebration of Middle Eastern and Turkish cuisine for over two decades. Her vivid flavors, aromatic spices, and commitment to the freshest ingredients – many straight from her own family farm and others nearby – have made Oleana a front runner in the Boston food scene. The menu dazzles with twenty meze to choose from – think spinach falafel with tahini sauce, beet yogurt, and cress, or a lamb and grape leaf tart with cumin, orange, orzo, and spicy feta – and equally enticing main dishes. For dessert, don’t miss the pine nut sarma, with cocoa halva butter, date ice cream, and chocolate breadcrumbs.


Fresh ingredients, homegrown vegetables, flavorful spices with an emphasis on Turkish cuisine


Ana Sortun, executive chef/co-owner


Dinner, daily


134 Hampshire Street, Cambridge, Middlesex, MA 02139


+1 617 661 0505




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A Greek sandwich shop serving pitas, plates & salads from a local, scratch kitchen

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