Seylou Bakery & Mill

What they say

“We are in continual contact with our farmers in order to give and receive feedback. We see our fate as tied and our success mutual. We would be nothing without them."

Signature Dishes

“Horse bread”: wholegrain sourdough loaf of whole wheat, millet, sorghum, marfax beans, camelina seeds, and mustard seeds all from the same farm; millet baguette with fifteen percent wholegrain millet; millet chocolate chip cookie with sorghum syrup and dark chocolate.

What we say

There isn’t a lick of white flour to be found at Seylou, the one-hundred-percent wholegrain and vegetarian bakery in DC’s hip Shaw neighborhood. Expect less common grains like millet, sorghum, and buckwheat, which impart wonderfully complex flavors and textures. The loosely formed whole grain rustic loaves as well as the pullman 100 percent Einkorn loaves are baked in a massive wood-fired oven, which traps steam from the loaves, making them even more aromatic and delicious. Several times a month, the wood ash is collected and distributed to the local fields on which the grains were grown – including those of organic, Amish, and Mennonite farms – helping to return health and vitality to the soil.

What others say

“Seylou also offers a selection of wholegrain pastries, including quiches, tarts, scones and croissants so flaky they nearly disintegrate upon touch. A no-refined-sugar policy means treats are sweetened with additions like honey and maple sugar.” –Holley Simmons, The Washington Post


Bakery specializing in freshly milled organic whole grain bread & pastries


Jonathan Bethony & Jessica Azeez, co-owners


Breakfast & lunch, Wednesday to Sunday


926 N Street NW, Suite A, Washington, DC 20001


+1 202 842 1122




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