Fruition Restaurant

What they say

“We grow as much of our produce that we can at our farm, where we grow vegetables, raise pigs, and make sheep’s milk cheeses. Our farm really started as an opportunity to educate our team and our community about growing and producing food. A lot of our chefs work on the farm weekly and it provides an indispensable way for them to learn about all that it takes to produce the food that they prepare daily, a respect for animal welfare, and a deeper understanding of their craft. Good food means caring about where your food comes from, how your choices in sourcing food impacts on the environment, sustainability, culture, guest, and the end result on the plate.”

Signature Dishes

Roasted chicken with grilled carrots and Colorado quinoa salad; beet poke with seaweed salad; Alaskan king crab with Fruition Farms sheep skyr and chia pudding.

What we say

Comfort and seasonality underpin the menu at Fruition – see the iconic pork belly-topped cavatelli carbonara for a prime example – but make no mistake, chef/owner Alex Seidel brings a refined touch to his cooking that makes this restaurant a top destination for special occasion celebrators.

The restaurant’s commitment to sourcing has deepened over the years, and it now grows many of its own ingredients at its farm. That farm is also home to the state’s first sheep’s milk dairy; the cheeses it makes supplies other restaurants and provision throughout Colorado and beyond.


Fifty-seat restaurant serving sophisticated comfort food


Alex Seidel, chef/owner


Dinner, daily


1313 East 6th Avenue, Denver, CO 80218


+1 303 831 1962



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