What they say

“At Handline we are most passionate about sourcing seasonal and sustainably grown and harvested ingredients from Sonoma County. We have our own two-acre farm as well as many relationships with local farmers and foragers, and work with local seafood companies to bring in the freshest, most sustainable seafood the California coast has to offer.

“We believe that eating with the seasons from local farms and ranches brings with it added nutritional benefit. If our food travels a shorter distance to get to us, it retains more nutritional value. It is also healthier for the planet.”

Signature Dishes

“The La Sirena“: poached Monterey squid with snap peas, scallion, and mint on a freshly milled corn tostada; local king salmon sandwich with dill mayo, butter lettuce, pickled radish, and wholegrain mustard; smoked trout and clam chowder with local mushrooms, potatoes, cream, and thyme.

What we say

Housed in a revamped fast-food restaurant, Handline takes regional, sustainable Californian cuisine for an invigorating fast-casual spin.

The restaurant’s menu is a vibrant merger of local ingredients with state culinary traditions: fresh oysters, milled corn tacos heaped with seasonal produce and sustainably caught seafood, and a roster of juicy hamburgers that look south to Los Angeles. The food is accompanied by an impressive selection of wine and craft beer, along with a laid-back ambience. Everything is ordered at the counter, a twist that nods to California’s fast-food heritage while offering a tantalizing vision of its future.


A coastal Californian restaurant in a breezy modern building featuring sustainably sourced seafood


Natalie Goble, chef/owner


Lunch & dinner, daily


935 Gravenstein Highway South, Sebastopol, Sonoma, CA 95472


+1 707 827 3744



Email manager@handline.com

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A slightly off-kilter community hub offering seasonal, organic & locally sourced food & wine

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