What they say

“Dialogue is about telling a story through food. We craft a menu in a manner that is intended to build upon a single idea. Each dish is not necessarily a complete thought as much as a stepping stone to bring the diner to the next. Our passion lies in finding and offering a unique perspective on food, one that the diners can (we hope) relate to and find a bit of themselves in. Food can be so much more than just something to satiate cravings. It is emotional and has the opportunity to connect so many levels. Dining is an experience and we are pushing to add another layer to that, one that people can relate to on a more intimate and personal level.”

Signature Dishes

Parsnip with crab, coconut, finger lime, chili, sesame and shallot; lamb with nasturtium, fermented strawberry, and wild herbs from Topanga canyon; thirty-day dry-aged ribeye with charred watermelon and smoke.

What we say

Dialogue offers a highly conceptual and multi-sensory modernist experience with a laser-focus on Southern California seasonality. Taking the concept of slow food seriously, this Santa Monica restaurant pays special attention to seasonality. If you can handle ten-course or eighteen-course menus, this is a must-visit.

What others say

“A Dialogue meal tends to be closer to a conversation between chef and patron than to a culinary tour de force.” –Jonathon Gold, Los Angeles Times


An intimate restaurant featuring an extensive tasting menu


Dave Beran, chef


Dinner Tuesday to Saturday


1315 3rd Street Promenade, Suite K, Santa Monica, CA 90401




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Acclaimed neighborhood restaurant, focusing on hyperseasonality

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