What they say

“We are passionate about cooking regional Indian cuisine and staying true to the flavors and spices, while using all the great produce that Northern California has to offer. We source halal meats and highly rated chicken, and do our best to only use sustainable and recommended fish. All of our lamb and goat comes from local California purveyors. South Indian cuisine is by definition very vegetable and grain-heavy, so we are using a lot of grains. We do not sell beef in either of our two restaurants. Much of our menu is vegetarian and even vegan-friendly .”

Signature Dishes

Smoked Arctic char with peach moilee; Philipkutty chicken curry; Brokaw avocado chaat.

What we say

With two San Francisco locations and one in Oakland, Dosa has put its stamp on regional Southern Indian cooking in the Bay Area. While Dosa’ crispy namesake crêpes are well represented on its menu (you can order them stuffed with fillings like spiced potato masala and habanero chutney), the restaurant also excels at street food fare like vada pav (a sort of mashed-potato slider) and avocado chaat, a savory snack with grapefruit, coconut, and habanero chili. There are also richly spiced curries and an impressive spice-driven cocktail list. Many of Dosa’s ingredients are organic and come from local farmers’ markets, and its stylish, high-ceilinged Fillmore Street location features solar panels on its roof.


A modern Indian restaurant specializing in South Indian flavors using local California ingredients


Anjan Mitra, owner & Arun Gupta, executive chef


Dinner, daily, brunch Saturday & Sunday


1700 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94115, plus other locations – see website


+1 415 441 3672



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