Fresh Sourdough Express

What they say

“At Fresh Sourdough Express, we believe in serving peace and love in the form of food. We make an effort to educate our staff, suppliers, and customers about the interconnection and impact our ingredient choices and food system have on the health of the environment and personal well-being. Sustainability is a top priority in all aspects of our business practices, from sourcing produce to light bulbs. Some of our founding principles from 1982 were never to use toxic Styrofoam, recycle everything possible, repurpose all we can, donate food waste to farmers, hire, buy, and serve locally, make goods from scratch, and use organic produce whenever possible. We have witnessed how our commitments have made a difference and proudly donate to environmental organizations.”

Signature Dishes

Alaska sourdough pancakes; rhubarb cobbler; reindeer grill.

What we say

You might not personally know Fresh Sourdough Express owners Donna and Kevin Maltz, but I’m guessing you’ve come across their AH!LASKA brand, the nation’s first organic chocolate syrup, which kids and adults have been enjoying since 1992. It got its start here. The couple have been environmental activists since they opened up shop in 1982. They were way ahead of their time. In 2007, they were active in founding Sustainable Homer, an organization to heighten awareness of the pressing environmental issues. In 2010, the couple was honored the Small Business Owners of the Year in Alaska, lauded as socially responsible “green pioneers”.


Proudly serving local & organic food made since 1982


Donna & Kevin Maltz, owners


Breakfast & lunch, daily


1316 Ocean Dr, Homer, AK 99603


+1 907 235 7571




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