What they say

“Our motto is ‘Primum non nocere! – First, do not harm!’ We take utmost care to serve the healthiest and most nutritious food possible, with the freshest seasonal produce cooked with the right techniques, kept in the right conditions. We’ve committed to serving our customers consistently healthy, quality food. Therefore, to let them trust us is so important – and to sustain this trust is even more important.”

Signature Dishes

Artichoke soup with fresh asparagus, aromatic fresh mint, dill, and red pepper olive oils; lamb ravioli with Karayaka lamb shin and walnut filling in bone broth; and maylobi milk pudding with vanilla and white chocolate.

What we say

Fauna is obsessed with fresh, organic, healthy food. Chef İbrahim Tuna is fussy to the extreme about sourcing ingredients; when he cannot find food that meets his criteria, no beef, fish, or chicken is served. He uses only Karayaka lamb, a native Anatolian breed, to sustain their existence and support local shepherds. Fauna is famed for its egg-rich semolina-based pasta, using eggs from chicken fed with an almost-secret mix of flavour-enhancing feed. Being a perfectionist, Tuna cooks and plates every single dish himself.

What others say

“Simple but extraordinary food. Plain. Lean. Perfectionist. Detail-oriented. No compromise on quality of ingredients. Limited number of ingredients in each dish but every ingredient is the best of its kind and at the same time composition of them is good. Nothing remains in the background.”

–Vedat Milor, Milliyet


Neighbourhood restaurant serving seasonal healthy food


İbrahim Tuna, chef/owner


Lunch Tuesday to Friday, dinner Friday to Saturday


Küçükbakkalkoy Mahallesi Işıklar Caddesi, Ahmet Muhip Dranas Sokak, No:9/B 34750 Ataşehir, Istanbul


+90 (0)54 5572 1130



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