What they say

“We’re passionate about keeping Ayna true to its Northern Aegean roots. We love and respect the place we live in. The food we cook, the products we use, our historic stone building, and our interior design – it is all about Aegean. We feel lucky to live in such a wonderful region and our food is a celebration of this. The pillar of our cuisine is olive oil.”

Signature Dishes

Meze platter with five olive oil-braised dishes of fresh vegetables and foraged wild greens; artichokes with olive oil Cunda-style; and chargrilled sardines wrapped in grape leaves.

What we say

Set in an old stone building Ayna, (which means “mirror“ in Turkish) gives a sense of serenity with its tastefully designed single-space airy interior, with enormous mirrors and cheerful artsy installations greeting the customer. The food is comforting homestyle, elegantly served with handmade ceramic tableware by artist Tulya Madra. One wants to stay all day, lingering over a fermented botanical drink of wildflowers, enjoying a lukewarm braised artichoke and mopping its cooking juices with yeasty spongy bread, lazily sipping sage tea while the curtains fly with Aegean winds. The elderflower milkless pudding is a perfect dessert to finish a visit to Ayna. Featuring a syrup made with flowers, strawberrie, and baked almonds, the fragrant dish is a wonderful example of this restaurant’s philosophy: “Simple is the best“.


A small, family-run all-day place cooking homestyle food with a distinctive North Aegean style


Nihal Sayın & Ezgi Güven, chefs/owners


Brunch, lunch & dinner, daily


Namik Kemal, Carsi cad. No: 22 Cunda Island, Ayvalik 10400 Balikesir


+90 (0)53 3968 1161



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