Samuay & Sons

What they say

“Samauy & Sons is a small restaurant trying to contribute to the bigger movement by supporting organic farming, local foraging, Indigenous people, and local artisans. We believe it’s time for us all to take care of the environment. We want to communicate this to our diners through our cooking philosophy and persuade them to care about more than just delicious food when they dine at restaurants.”

Signature Dishes

Confit sour fish with spicy pickled plum, miso sauce, and rice in watermelon soup; and grilled organic beef with homage rice noodle, baked herbal Thai eggplant, tomato, black garlic, and shrimp paste jam.

What we say

Until chef Weerawat “Num” Triyasenawat returned home to Thailand’s northeastern Isaan to open Samuay & Sons in his family’s old tailor shop in Udon Thani (closer to the Laos capital, Vientiane, eighty kilometres north, than Bangkok, almost 600 kilometres south), the city was best known for its lotus-covered lake and Bronze Age archaeological site. Chef Num gave foodies an enticing reason to venture so far north: his inventive contemporary Isaan cuisine, inspired by the local produce and indigenous ingredients. Chef Num, who spent a decade in California’s farm-to-table restaurants, forages for seasonal wild plants, uses local rice instead of jasmine rice, and sustainable fish and organic pork from within 100 kilometres of the restaurant. He also supports local heroes like farmer-cum-environmental activist Poh Sa Wat.


Contemporary Isaan cuisine inspired by seasonal local produce in Udon Thani in Thailand’s northeast


Weerawat ‘Num’ Triyasenawat, chef/owner


Lunch & dinner, Tuesday to Sunday


133/25 Phonpisai Rd. Mhakkhang, Mueng, Udon Thani


+66 (0)9 9473 6464



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