What they say

“When we started Rasoterra we wanted to go further than the ‘I buy seasonal products’ philosophy. We wanted to have a vegetable garden to grow our vegetables and help us to understand how Mother Nature works. Being sustainable is not just to buy, grow, and source local products. It is also to understand that you won’t find pineapple and açai in Catalunya. We love finding new ingredients and discovering forgotten vegetables.”

Signature Dishes

Stuffed artichokes with lentils and cream of beetroot; black rice with seaweed and mushrooms; and strawberry and cherry ceviche.

What we say

Chiara and Daniele, owners of Rasoterra, let you know exactly what you are in for as soon as you step foot in their restaurant. You will only find unusual ingredients on the menu, all of which are locally sourced, such as espigalls – the king of cabbage, much less hipster than kale, but just as good. If you’re missing tapas, don’t worry, there are croquettes aplenty – but they are filled with spinach instead of ham.

What others say

“Every now and then, I stumble upon a great restaurant and I’m shocked that I had not discovered it sooner. Rasoterra is one of these places. Champions of the ‘0km’ Slow Food movement, this 100 percent vegetarian restaurant’s offerings struck me as far more interesting than the average curries, salads and quiches so popular at most of the city’s other veggie-centric eateries.”

–Sam Zucker, Metropolitan


A vegetarian & vegan bistro that uses local, seasonal ingredients


Chiara Bombardi & Daniele Rossi, owners


Lunch & dinner, Wednesday to Sunday


Carrer Palau, 5, 08002, Barcelona


+34 9 3318 6926



Phone or email info@rasoterra.cat

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Also in Spain / Barcelona

Slow food & zero-kilometre Catalan restaurant with a commitment to sustainability

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