El Mercado

What they say

“We strive to offer the best-quality Peruvian contemporary cuisine possible. We use seasonal products and organic vegetables and meat to provide quality dishes. Our products come from local producers and we are respectful of fish and seafood bans. We only buy Peruvian fair-trade coffee. We also care deeply about the environment, and recycle all our glass bottles and use paper from renewable materials.”

Signature Dishes

Roast shrimp burger with sriracha mayo, onion tempura, and tomato; ceviche mercado with fish of the day, yellow chilli, tiger milk, baby calamari, mixed chillis, sweet potato, and corn; atamaladito selvático rice with shrimps, pork belly, clams, and cocona fruit.

What we say

Ceviche is historically a lunchtime dish and although that has now changed, El Mercado keeps to old habits by only opening for lunch. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual and the food is consistently brilliant. Run by top chef and author Rafael Osterling, El Mercado offers flavourful fine dining at reasonable prices. It’s a smash hit and has been for several years now. The menu pays homage to Peruvian food with an exquisite variety of dishes. The food, presentation, and service are all of a very high standard. Although it calls itself a ceviche restaurant, it offers much more – make sure you try the roast shrimp burger.


Peruvian market cuisine using seasonal ingredients


Rafael Osterling, chef/owner


Lunch, Tuesday to Sunday


Av Hipólito Unanue 203, Miraflores, Lima 15074


+51 (0) 1221 1322



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