La Sultana

What they say

“We are passionate about using the products from our own backyard, which in this case is the Atlantic Ocean. We prepare them in the simplest way possible to make the most of their unique flavour and freshness. Our wish is to share an authentic cuisine with fresh and local ingredients served in an elegant and relaxed atmosphere. The hotel’s own organic garden also supplies eighty per cent of all the fruit and vegetables, and they recycle 100 per cent of the water they use to irrigate it.”

Signature Dishes

Oysters from the salt-water lagoon; steamed spider crab with avocado and locally foraged samphire; and Atlantic sea bream cooked in a salt crust.

What we say

La Sultana occupies what is arguably the best seaside perch in Morocco, surrounded by protected wetlands and the distant roar of the Atlantic Ocean, so you could just come for the view. But it has also been pioneering a healthier approach to fish and seafood cookery – traditionally, the preference all along the coast is to deep-fry, or simply throw it in a tagine – by celebrating the purity of the product and championing the people who supply it.


A lagoon-side restaurant in Morocco’s prettiest fishing village


Khalil Guerraoul, manager


Lunch & dinner, daily


Parc a Huitres No3, Oualidia, Maroc 24252


+212 (0)5 2336 6595



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