Mexko Cocina Regional de Autor

What they say

We are a restaurant that seeks to show Tlaxcala and Mexican gastronomy, by using traditional recipes and local products, and applying avant-garde techniques to achieve the dishes we offer. Our mission is to offer a gastronomic experience based on traditional cuisine.

Signature Dishes

Ikejime al rescoldo; aguachile de acocil; ensalada del huerto.

What we say

Locality and sustainability are prioritized equally at Mexko. The restaurant has a strong relationship with its suppliers and is educated on animals’ feed and lifestyle prior to arriving in their kitchen. Produce is free-range and organic, and insects such as chinicuiles (Maguey worms) and vinguinas (honeypot ants) have a proud place on the menu alongside hydroponic lettuces, roots, and tubers; you can taste the quality in dishes such as the ensalada del huerto. Organic vegetables grown from the restaurant’s own garden are rich in flavour, and topped with a deliciously delicate local honeycomb, forming a dish that is well worth your time.


Showcasing the traditional cuisine of Tlaxcala & Mexico


Iván Fernando Del Razo Carrillo, chef proprietor


Brunch, lunch & dinner, daily


Av. del trabajo s/n 90640 Santacruz Tlaxcala, Mexico


+52 (01) 246 46 11368



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