VEA Restaurant & Lounge

What they say

“Our team is the most important reason aspect of our success. Every day we learn how to improve. ‘I’ve learned over the last eight years, that I cannot excel unless my team excels with me', says chef and owner Vicky Cheng. We are driven to deliver the best experience to our guests. Seeing them return and leave happily is the key.”

Signature Dishes

Sea cucumber; smoked goose; and sour cabbage fish with chilli oil.

What we say

Vicky Cheng is one of Hong Kong’s brightest homegrown culinary stars. After running a successful private kitchen, she opened VEA, a glamorous bi-level restaurant and lounge.

The counter seating puts the open kitchen in full view, and diners can see the meticulous, detailed work that goes into each plate. Vicky describes his style as “Chinese meets French”, and he draws increasingly from Chinese flavours and techniques, using ingredients rarely seen outside Chinese restaurants, such as fermented black beans, sea cucumber, and Shaoxing wine. The dish of sugarcane smoked duck, using duck and sugarcane sourced in Guangdong province, and cooked with a process heavily inspired by the people of Chiu Chow, is a great example of his evolution into a chef who represents the Hong Kong of today - respect for culture, mindful of sources, yet refining and moving forward using technology afforded to us today.


Celebrating a real marriage between food & beverages


Vicky Cheng, chef/owner & Antonio Lai, bartender


Dinner, Monday to Saturday


30/F, The Wellington, 198 Wellington Street, Central


+852 2711 8639




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