La Chassagnette

What they say

“We draw our inspiration from the unique environment of our two-hectare organic garden. The garden is a passion that’s shared by every staff member. Between the vegetable fields and orchards, some 200 varieties of produce are harvested throughout the year. And since the garden is only a few dozen metres from the kitchen door, we work with fruit and vegetables harvested at the height of freshness and ripeness.”

Signature Dishes

Bitter herb velouté; green bean and ginger salad with bull-meat gravlax and reduced jus vinaigrette; rice pudding with long pepper, cherries, and purple basil sorbet.

What we say

Surrounded by incredibly flavourful raw ingredients grown hearty and tall from an abundance of sun and already delicious on the stalk or stem, Michelin-star Chef Armand Arnal brings a fearlessness and spontaneity to their transformation to get the true flavours of these products. On the plate, nothing takes precedence over the flavour. Two or three flavours dominate, each creating more intense flavour by existing independently. To combine these ingredients, Arnal balances the grassy, the bitter, and the acidic: beetroot is given punch with pomegranate and cauliflower’s heartiness takes prominence with gremolata. Nothing is wasted. Like a large family home, La Chassagnette is full of life, and open to all those who wish to taste the pleasures of the Provence. Wine is exquisitely selected, flavours are in the air and spirits take off. That is the moment when the magic of Camargue country can be found.


Organic & authentic cuisine made from the restaurant’s garden, local ingredients & products


Armand Arnal, chef


Hours change seasonally


Route du Sambuc, 13200 Arles


+33 (0)4 9097 2696



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