What they say

“Serving our customers with the very best in Indian vegetarian home cooking, specialities from the state of Gujarat on the west coast of India, with touches of East Africa, where the owner and chef, Hansa Dabhi, was brought up. ‘I am very proud to say that over eighty per cent of our customers who come on a regular basis are non-vegetarians, which shows that I must be doing something right that people have supported me over all these years’, says also very proud to have given women from ethnic minorities an opportunity to come and work with me in a safe environment, to come and practise working in a commercial kitchen and hone their culinary skills.’”

Signature Dishes

Mixed platter; bhagat mthiya; and chevti dal.

What we say

Mrs. Dabhi is one of this country’s true food heroes. A giant of the Indian vegetarian scene who has won every relevant award, most of them many times over. Not only does she serve wonderful food and write wonderful books, but she goes out and preaches the message about how properly sourced, lovingly prepared vegetarian food can change the world. She goes into primary schools to teach cooking, she takes her customers to India to educate them, she has launched a cookery school, and she raises money to support small schools in remote areas of India and Nepal. Hansa Dabhi, we bow down before you.


Award-winning restaurant serving Indian vegetarian home cooking since 1986


Mrs. Hansa Dabhi, founder


Dinner Monday to Saturday, lunch Sunday


72–74 North Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS2 7PN


+44 (0)11 3244 4408



Phone or quandoo.co.uk

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