The Burger Shop

What they say

“Our mission is to be a successful and profitable restaurant brand that delivers exceptional food experiences, with a vision of becoming one of the most highly regarded and sustainably led group of restaurants in the UK. We have built trusting relationships with those around us. By fostering partnerships with local farmers who grow produce specific to our needs, fostering connections with craftspeople who inject life and soul with their skills in ceramics, art, and horticulture, and fostering a drive for independent business culture, we ensure a reliable source of supply and demand within our community.”

Signature Dishes

Hereford Hop burger; Farmer Tom's beef burger; and Westcombe cheese curds.

What we say

It is only right and proper that a city with one of the great beef breeds named after it should have a humdinger of a burger joint in it. And this is certainly one. It is a rough-edged wooden space with bare bulbs and a heady whiff of rendering beef fat, as befits its status. This is not one of those annoying, poncey, burger-as-fine dining places. The food comes on plastic trays in cardboard wrappings, the beef is roughly ground for superlative heft and chew, there is a good char on the outside and the innards are medium-rare and pink as a summer evening sunset. It’s a damned tasty burger.


A passion-project focused on inspiring change in the food industry


Brothers Dorian, chef & Edwin Kirk, visionary


Lunch & dinner, daily


32 Aubrey Street, Hereford, HR4 0BU, plus other locations – see website


+44 (0)14 3235 1764




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A passion-project focused on crafting honest food using locally sourced seasonal ingredients

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