The Bookshop

What they say

“The Bookshop is big on responsibly produced, delicious food. Our ethos is to treat all the amazing produce that comes our way with the utmost respect. Our beetroot borani dish (roast beetroot, golden beetroot, beetroot crisps, candied walnuts, goat’s curd, nigella seeds) is a great example of one way in which we choose to show our respect for the work and care put into sustainably grown produce. By drawing as much out of a product as is put into it, we are able to showcase a humble vegetable in all its glory. Our organic beets arrive in a crate, plucked straight from the ground, ready for us to transform them into an abundant vegetable dish that takes pride of place on the menu alongside the steak cuts.”

What we say

From the same guys as Hereford’s Rule of Tum and The Burger Shop, this place revels in its history as a former bookshop, still lining the walls with books and selling mostly... er, steak. Yes, it’s not a bookshop anymore. Thursday to Friday, it’s cuts of dry-aged Herefordshire beef and other seasonal local specialities. On Sundays it’s a roast they say is “better than your mum’s”, which we will gladly believe. Our mum mostly opens tins.


A passion-project focused on crafting honest food using locally sourced seasonal ingredients


Brothers Dorian, chef & Edwin Kirk, visionary


Dinner Thursday to Saturday, lunch Sunday


33 Aubrey Street, Hereford, HR4 OBU


+44 (0)14 3234 3443




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A passion-project focused on inspiring change in the food industry

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